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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Internet Safety Tips For Parents - Part 1

Here are some Online Safety Tips For Parents Off Our Site

For More Tips Goto : Teenangels.org

Online Safety Tips For Parents

1. Make sure that your child does not spend an excessive amount of time online/on the computer. Use your own discretion when setting guidelines. It is impossible to provide an exact time limit for use of the Internet. Based on school days vs. weekends, age of child, & use for the Internet, time limits will vary. An average of one to two hours per day is probably most appropriate.

However, there are always exceptions. Use your judgment in deciding what is best for your child.

2. People, not computers, should be your child's best friends & companions. Help them find a balance between computing & other activities.

3. Keep the computer in the family room, kitchen, or living room, not in your child's bedroom. Check the screen from time to time to make sure that they are viewing appropriate material. However, you should try building trust with your child, hoping that they have the good judgment to know right from wrong.

4. Learn enough about computers so that you can enjoy them together with your kids. (Your children may be the most affordable computer specialist you can persuade to do house calls.) Don't be afraid to learn something from your kids. However, you are the parent & you must also teach your child. It is a two-way street. Know your child's experience with the computer, & exactly how extensive their knowledge of the Internet is. You'd be surprised at how much they know & how much they can teach you.

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  • This is a great blog. We are actually discussing this topic in my teaching technology class at BYU. Thanks for your input.

    By Blogger byukaty, at 7:24 AM  

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