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Friday, November 12, 2004

Microsoft and Teenangels

I've worked with Teenangels for several years now. I've been to many conferences and I've dealt with a lot of "important" people, breifing them on Internet Safety, and I've always sone it with the help of Parry. This time, however, I was left alone, sent to London with a family friend whos not very computer literate and asked to talk to 50 people from Microsoft about why Teenangels are the way forward with Internet Safety.

And I've never spoke better, been more confident or had such an attanetive audience, seriously! I'd like to, therefore, start by thanking all the people who first stayed all day to listen to me speak (save the best to last ;)), secondly listened so intrently and actually let me say what I had to and thirdly gave me such amazing comments afterwards, it was truely an amazing experience, especially sinse as I was the only one there under 20!

The event was the MSN Online Child Safety Workshop, and although I claim to know everything about Internet Safety, I truly did learn a lot. Some of the world most influential people were there, the best minds of Internet Safety and I was lucky enough to get to hear them speak, give feedback and work with them to make the Internet a much safer place for children and young people.

I have to say how great it was to actually meet these people,make contact with them and figure out the best ways to get internet safety out, but also, to work together in order to have a mass influence of making the Internet a safer place. I made good contacts and I think we should all look to the future in order to see where we can go from here and how great an impact we can all have, especially with the help of some old and some new friends :)



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