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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Trillian vs. Yahoo - Part 2

Maybe it is just me but if there is a free service out there (including messenger programs) what does it matter if a third-party improves them? Heck, Yahoo should be happy; I can speak for myself when I say if it weren't for using Trillian to have a Yahoo sn I simply would not use Yahoo Messenger......resulting in no active e-mail address.....resulting in Yahoo not making money off of me by being able to display Ads in my mailbox.

So Tsk Tsk on Yahoo and AIM for being stubborn on third-party software that raises the bar for instant messaging clients.

Does anyone agree with me? Also I'd love to hear an argument on the opposite side of mine.



  • well i could play devils advocate but in this situation i dont see it to be fit since i do pay for the service of using trillian Pro. i agree with your thoughts pat.

    until more comes to mind tata.


    By Blogger Teenangels.org, at 6:34 PM  

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