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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Teens advise the grown-ups, their peers and industry

Teenangels is WiredSafety's teen digital safety group. You can learn more about us at Teenangels.org or by visiting WiredSafety.org. We testify before the US Congress, present events to the UK Parliament, the FTC and the Governor of California, among others. We serve on MTV's advisory board, advise Procter & Gamble, Facebook, Microsoft and ToyrRUs, and act as experts for the media.Here we are speaking at the UN a few minutes after the head of the UN spoke! Itwas so terrific. One of us was 14 and the other 16.
You've seen us on Dr. Phil, on the Today Show and MSNBC, with Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America and on Dateline and CNN. Want to join? Visit Teenangels.org. Want to arrange for us to speak at your event? Visit Teenangels.org's booking Teenangels for your school event section.

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